Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sent: Sun, 19 December, 2010 14:53:48

Dear  Arju
Thanks for your urgent respond to me. may almighty God blessed you.

Firstly i will let you know that this transaction will not implicate you in future, and no atom of fear on it. am working in Ghana ZENITH BANK PLC  as a bank Managing Director - Finance and you can see my profile on our web site
Concerning our late customer Fuad  A. Arju    he is a contractor engineer(construction Engineer) he have house in Accra Ghana here that is why i said any question from the lawyer or bank through you mail please let me know before you will respond. our late customer Fuad  A. Arju   travel for the business trip to Jawa Indonesia when this incident happiness  to him and since that time we could not be able to find him. If bank ask for the dead certificate i will find it, what i know that i did not sure that will ask for such thing like that now.

Am give you 100% assurance anything bank request from i will provide it out.
Secondly i don't want the bank to use delay tits for you that is why you have to hire lawyer  on your own behalf to represent you in the bank, i will advice you to open a new account in our bank first for easier transfer the fund to your account, So that the bank will know you as new customer and next of kin to our late customer Fuad  A. Arju   they will give you full respect to fast transfer the fund to your account .

First thing to do you have to hire  lawyer for the assistance so that the bank will not use delay tits for you along the transaction and immediately you contact lawyer you will let him know  that you want to claim you cousin money in the ZENITH BANK PLC .
I will send you lawyer contact including text of application  immediately i receive your respond from my mail.
Call me on this line Phone: +233-265-72-4003.
I send you my Bank ID through your download check it.

Waiting for your respond.


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